Plumbing Myths

In the plumbing industry, it can be hard to differentiate the facts from fiction. Is plumbing an easy fix? Do you need to call a professional? What classifies as a plumbing emergency?

RighTime Home Services is here to debunk five common plumbing myths. We’ll share our expertise on how (and how not) to correctly maintain your plumbing system!

MYTH: A Leaky Faucet is Common
Not only can a small leak cost you big money, but it’s also bad for the environment. Being in California, the drought is always top of mind. Water shortages are becoming a big problem in certain parts of the West, so it’s a good idea to have a faucet leak fixed as soon as possible.

MYTH: Lemons Are a Great Way to Clean Your Disposal
While running a lemon rind may make your drain smell fresher, it won’t actually clean or help it. Lemon rinds can actually clog your drain if you’re not careful. An effective way to disinfect a garbage disposal, other than calling your plumbing professional, is to use a cleaning solution of mild soap and warm water.

MYTH: Anything Can Go Down the Garbage Disposal
Not everything. There’s a pretty long list of things that don’t belong in your disposal. For example, fibrous foods, grease, egg shells, bones and carcasses, and more. Guess what? Even pasta and rice are not garage disposal friendly. Make it easier on yourself and your plumbing professional, and throw it in the trash can.

MYTH: Flush Disposable Wipes in the Toilet
Unfortunately, many wipes, even the ones that are advertised as flushable, are not biodegradable the same way that toilet paper is. This can end up causing a lot of problems over time, and can completely clog your pipes. Again, better to be safe and throw them in the trash.

MYTH: A Plunger Can Unclog Anything
Plungers are great for small clogs. The problem is, most use a plunger improperly and think the problem is fixed. If a small clog isn’t handled, it could get worse and cause an overflow. Make sure you have septic-safe toilet paper, which can save you from grabbing for the plunger. Next time your plumber makes a visit, ask for instructions on how to use a plunger.

What are your plumbing myths? We’re here to debunk them. Keep reading our blog for the next round of myths vs. facts.

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