Does Turning Your AC Off Save Money?

Does Turning Your AC Off Save Money?

The summer temperatures cause everyone to fear the electric bill! There is one common HVAC myth we hear this time of year – that turning the air conditioner off while you are out of the house will save money, and cut the costs of your electric bill. So, is this myth true or false?

Well, it depends. When it comes to this myth, everything from the size of your home, the age of your unit, the location and climate can affect how we truly say, “true or false.”

For a small apartment with a brand-new unit, turning your air on and off won’t make a huge impact on your bill. For someone who lives in a mild, beach climate and only uses their unit sparingly, again, turning your unit on and off throughout the summer won’t affect your bill tremendously. But, if you live in a large family home, and you’re working to cool large parts of it, turning your AC off in the heat of summer can actually cost you more. When temperatures are high, your HVAC is working overtime to cool down the home. Instead of switching off, try turning up your AC 7 or 8 degrees when you leave home. This will make it feel comfortable when you return, and put less stress and wear on your AC unit. You can actually save up to 10% on your cooling costs just by turning up the AC1.

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